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2018/10/19 · Halloween, the 40-years-later direct sequel to the John Carpenter-directed 1978 classic, features an easily missed cameo appearance from one of the series’ original stars: P.J. Soles, who played totally bubbly. 2018/10/18 · Got the chance to speak to TOTALLY awesome P.J. Soles, we talked about her experience on the set of Halloween, Carrie, Stripes, and also Rock n Roll High Sch. P. J. Soles born July 17, 1950 is an American film and television actress. In the Halloween series, she is best known as Lynda Van Der Klok in John Carpenter's Halloween. She also portrayed a teacher in its 2018 sequel. She. 2018/10/19 · PJ Soles, who played Lynda in the original – she's the blonde who says "totally!" repeatedly – is credited with the role of "teacher" in this version. Could that be her discussing fate in the aforementioned classroom scene? Maybe.

2017/10/10 · P.J. Soles talks 'Carrie,' 'Halloween,' and being part of the horror community By Adam Lubitow @adamlubitow Not every performer manages to launch their movie career with appearances in two masterpieces, but that’s how things. As long as it's a different character, I don't mind. If they brought her back for a scene as Lynda, then there would be a problem since Lynda died. Also, a lot of movie series/franchises do this all the time. They'll bring an actor back for. Tag Archives: pj soles halloween ‘H40: Halloween 40 Years Of Terror’ Convention Coming To Pasadena This Weekend! Posted on October 10, 2018 by Dirty Horror Reply It’s almost time, kids! Yes, Halloween is almost upon us.

In 2018, Soles was cast in a spoken cameo role as a teacher in the direct sequel, Halloween, directed by David Gordon Green. Personal life [ edit ] She married J. Steven Soles in 1973, when she resided in New York, but then made the move to Los Angeles to work in television and movies. 2018/11/01 · P.J. Soles plays the doomed Linda in the original above, center, and according to the new film's credits, she provides the voice of the teacher we hear Skip Nav Celebrity Love It. Save Your Favorites Now. 14 Ways the Halloween. P.J. Soles, Actress: Halloween. P.J. Pamela Jayne Soles was born on July 17, 1950 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her father came from Holland and her mother from New Jersey. Because her father was working for an international. This is where you will find the latest news and updates, as well as flashback photos, posters, videos, and trailers, along with original content and new interviews with actress and horror icon P.J. Soles, star of John Carpenter’s.

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