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Smite wiki in Japanese日本語 米Hirez社の基本プレイ無料DotA系・MOBAというジャンルのゲーム「SMITE」についてのwikiです。まだ未完成ですが、よかったら見てください。 トップページ ページ一覧 メンバー 編集 Anhur 最終更新:. DotA(MOBA)系ゲーム「SMITE」のゴッド「オヌリス(anhur)」ついて考察・攻略していきます。 ※日本語で出来る限り詳細に説明していきます ※他のゴッドについてはこちらからどうぞ ※SMITEの基本編についてはこちらからどうぞ.

Hey Smite-ers! My name is Michael Schwalbe, and I'm the voice behind every inspiring Nordic shout while you yeet your opponents to Muspelheim and back - Heimdallr! also an old Neon Ra skin a couple years ago that no one cared. Anhur along with Ares, Artemis, Cupid and Sobek are the only gods from SMITE Closed Beta that have yet to receive a major remodel. Anhur was voiced by the famous voice actor Christopher Sabat, known for his role as the voice. Smite Pro Builds, search and find builds that the Pros use in Smite. Expand your search to select your direct lane counter to get the optimal build for every match you play. Each build lists the Starting Items, Relics, and Final Builds.

2014/06/09 · Gameplay, tips et combo - Anhur a un combo naturel qui consiste à utiliser le Shifting Sands 1 puis le Impale 2 afin de stun l'adversaire contre le pilier du spell 1 ainsi que de l'immobiliser et de réduire sa résistance. 2014/04/03 · Anhur is the son of Ra and brother to Bastet. He would protect his father during his journey through the sky, guarding against the evil god Apep. Upon Apep's defeat, Anhur was tasked with a new goal, to bring home a stray god.

SMITE Paladins Hand of the Gods Paladins Strike Realm Royale Play Free News Game Modes Gods Items Store Download More Back Forum Esports Official Merchandise Smite Wiki English Français Deutsch Español Polski. Introduction. Im not at all experienced in the game, but from my occasional playing of the game, I have come to understand a few key elements to Anhur. Strength & Weaknesses of Anhur. Strengths. He hurts.He can escape easily. Lore Anhur, the lion-headed Egyptian God of war, slays his enemies with spear and guile. Weapons equally as sharp! As a son of Ra, Anhur, and his sister Bastet, rode in the golden barge their father sailed across the sky each day. Hello, i have just finished a Smite match with Anhur and was wondering about the build i made. It goes as follows: Ninja Tabi, Devs gloves, Crusher, Qins, Titans and Odysseus bow. I felt it did pretty well and i picked up a crusher just. r/Smite: Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios on PC, XB1, PS4 and Switch. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the r/Smite.

Impale Empalement: Anhur envoie sa lance avec force. Si un dieu est touché par la lance, il est repoussé et subit des dégâts. Un dieu repoussé contre un mur est étourdi. De plus la lance traverse les sbires en leur causant des. SMITE日本語Wiki ビルド Agni(アグニ) シーズン2アグニ コンクエスト 石田 2015/03/03 Ah Puch(ア・プチ). Anhur(アンハー) Apollo(アポロ) Artemis(アルテミス) 初心者向けコンクエストアルテミス コンクエスト 管理人. I like that build with Executioner you have, but instead of Jotuns, I will grab Qin or another attack speed item, such as Hastened Fatalis. Executioner gives decent damage through protections if you can grab some attack speed with it. SMITE, the world's No. 1 Action MOBA, puts players in control of mythological Gods from a third-person perspective. Now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, & Mac!. We use cookies to remember and understand how you may use our site.

Gods & Goddesses! Hi-Rez Expo is this weekend, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that Hi-Rez fans can earn in-game rewards for both SMITE & Paladins by tuning in to watch each day of the event! This year, in-game. Anhur, the lion-headed Egyptian God of war, slays his enemies with spear and guile. Weapons equally as sharp! As a son of Ra, Anhur, and his sister Bastet, rode in the golden barge their father sailed across the sky each day. They.

Last Update: December 3, 2018. Smite Patch 5.22 Smite Item Builder is in beta and is being actively developed by one person in his spare time for free. You can now help keep the stats up to date with the new developer options. 八幡は馬に飛び乗って前を追う。マウントされている間、Crowd Controlの影響を受けず、馬の指示とは別に目指すことができます。彼は範囲の中のすべての敵の神に矢を放つために発砲するかもしれません。. SMITE FIRE SMITEREPO Twitch(SMITE) 編集者用 編集時の注意点 WIKI構文サンプル WIKI構文サンプル(追加分) 練習用砂場 テンプレート ゴッド アイテム アイテムツリー ビルド. The percentage of matches ending with the given build, of matches where the god had 6 non-starting items. Empty Builds This is caused by a lack of data. Without a substaintial amount of data, it can be impossible to produce.

Anhur Han-her, Inhert is often known by his Greek name, Onuris. He was an ancient Egyptian god of war and hunting from This in the Thinite region near Abydos who defended his father the sun god Ra from his enemies giving. Smite Build Maker – Anhur, Slayer of enemies ! Build Maker – Anhur, Slayer of enemies ! 31 mars 2014 Mise à jour 31 mars 2014 Anhur, le Dieu égyptien de la guerre à tête de lion, tue affutées ! Sommaire 1 Anhur, tueur d 2 3. 2014/09/22 · Anhur to me is one of the hardest hunters if not gods to play. I love the strategy, and skill it takes to play Anhur and would love to play him but I dont want to run in a game and just feed. If anyone has a good build and. 2014/12/28 · Anhur can miss and fail all of his abilities and still kill you, it's like what am I supposed to do against that? I know that his kit is a lot more difficult to utilize properly but fighting against him feels just really frustrating sometimes.

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